Canadian of the Week!!

This week we celebrate TWO great Canadians!

They are Ben Mulroney and Justin Trudeau

A duo of political progeny destined for greatness before they were even a sparkle in their daddies eyes.

Both have chosen to seek the public spotlight one as a tv entertainment reporter, the other, a politician.

Although both are  seemingly easy and over rated professions these two manage to make it look so hard.

Although neither will ever be as famous as their infamous fathers we Canadians can rest easy knowing that these handsome lads will represent us around the world for the next sixty years.

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Great Canadian Heroes!

This weeks great Canadian  hero is none other than Brett the Hitman Hart

A legendary wrestler with almost god like strength.  You had best get out of the way if you spot this guy in the Starbucks parking lot otherwise you might become the unfortunate victim of a well placed Sharpshooter (see picture below…)

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