How to Dress Canadian

All excellent pieces to complete this outfit.

Our children are born in jerseys

Many find Canadian fashion to be confusing and awkward…well I will simplify that for you. It’s important to dress Canadian before you can really BE Canadian.

It's 30 below outside, notice how they don't mind? They are Canadian tough.

1. Always have a hockey jersey on hand.

2. Wear cowboy boots with your business suit, Canadians respect that.

3. Red and White are your go to colours. If you must wear something other than red….a burnt amber or a off-cherry pink will work.

4. Toques. They are the crown that keeps the heat in. Also helpful for bad hair days.

And lastly…..5. Always underdress. Even if it’s 40 below, it’s important to look Canadian at all times. So while you are freezing, you must look tough, it’s very Canadian.

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