Defining Canadians


“Canadians are citizens of Canada. Canada is a multiethnic society, home to people of many different ethinc and national backgrounds. Aside from the indigenous Aboriginal peoples, who according to the 2006 Canadian Census enmerated 1, 162, 790, 3.8 % of the country’s total population, nearly all Canadians or their ancestors immigrated to Canada within the past five centuries, and the overwhelming majority arrived in 20th century.”


Just the other day I was wondering about who are really Canadians.

According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, everyone who lives in Canada are Canadians. (Is it correct in reality  though?) The First Nations, the Europeans, the Asian immigrants, and man others from different countries can become Canadian.

Furthermore, in my school, my teacher tells me that we are all good Canadians. We are a multicultural society, so it doesn’t matter whether we are dark, white, short, tall, skinny or fat. She said Canadians respect difference.

If this is the case, why some people are not referring themselves Canadians?

Are they ashamed of the brutal history of what the government of Canada had done to the Aboriginals in the past? Are they ashamed that we don’t have a good football team or a soccer team?

They should be proud. We have good reputation all throughout the world and we have excellent hockey teams. We have beautiful mountains and lakes, and we have great people.

After living in Canada for almost a year, I noticed a few things.

First, people categorize themselves in different groups. For example, my friend Andre refers himself as French Canadian. My friend Lulu calls herself CBC, Canadian Born Chinese. My neighbour Maria refers herself Columbian. Tom, my other neighbour is the only person who refers himself a Canadian.

They were all born in Canada and they all have their citizenships issued by the government of Canada.

Going back to the definition of wikipedia, ”Canada is a multiethnic society, home to people of many different ethnic and national backgrounds.”

Then why wouldn’t they refer themselves as Canadians?

It’s my big question now.

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