What I learn in Canada

Here are some of the topics I learn in my social class:

  • Canadian Heritage
  • Aboriginals
  • Assimilation
  • Mosaic Culture

There are way more than the list I provided here but I will just go over these for now.

I just can’t tell you how shocked I am right now.

I watched the Canadian Heritage Minute (Some people call it a Part of Our Heritage).

Out of so many, I came to learn where the name “Canada” came from, which was really interesting.

I read articles about John Cabot and other explorers, and how they found North America.

I was very excited about what I was learning and I was pleased that these Europeans advanced North America until I read about what they had done to the First Nations.

I was confused.

Canadian people are nice. They accept different cultures so people like me, an immigrant can blend in.

However, what Canada had done to the First Nations in between 1800 to 1900 truly shocked me.

The First Nations were forced to give up their customs and language. I mean… They were forced to. I just can’t imagine how brutal Canada was, but things I learn in class proves how evil Canada was back at then. I read that the residential schools killed 50,000 aboriginal kids. Why did they do this to children?

I like the fact that people are calling Canadian culture a mosaic culture, but now I feel sorry for the First Nations who suffered because they were different than Europeans.

I sort of understand that keeping the tradition and customs is important. My parents say that I shall never forget my first language because it’s part of who I am.

Well, I’m Canadian now so I don’t know if it really matters to keep my old tradition and values.

BUT, forcing someone to be like someone else is bad. My teacher used a word “assimilation”. I thought it was a good meaning but now I have to think about it again. I have to think about how I have felt if I was forced to give up anything I possessed. I wouldn’t feel happy either.

I kind of feel very confused now because I started to discover secrets of Canadian history.

The First Nations… Are they Canadians? or are they not?

Who are Canadians?

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